Monthly Archives: November 2011

How technology has changed charities in the last decade

Coming to the charity sector from private industry requires some adjustment.  When I joined Charity Technology Trust at the beginning of this year from an IT firm, I was already aware that there are many charities – particularly small ones – which were still being hampered by a creaky old IT infrastructure.  As small charities… Read more »

Social value, rather than price, could influence future commissioning

If you work in a charity or a social enterprise, the chances are you might not have paid much attention to the Public Services (Social Value) Bill, which has just cleared its Commons stages and is about to be considered by the House of Lords. However, if you work with, or deliver, public services then… Read more »

The case for early action has been well made

It seems that almost every charity makes the savings case these days – invest a modest sum in education/resettlement/ youth work and save much more. It reads well, but who believes it? The Prime Minister didn’t raise many hopes at the parliamentary liaison committee last week when he said: “If you say to the Treasury,… Read more »

Does the third sector understand search?

Over the last 15 years the media and communications landscape has been subject to a revolution. Access to cheaper and faster broadband, mobile devices and memory have built an almost limitless commodity and introduced some fundamental questions about how campaigns communicate with a newly empowered audience. Search has been at the heart of that revolution…. Read more »