Monthly Archives: January 2012

Breaking the silos

Pears Foundation embarked on a different and counter-intuitive endeavour several years ago. Venturing out of the traditional charitable sector where most of our work takes place, we partnered with three UK business schools – London, Said and Cranfield – in a joint effort to explore issues of responsible business and inspire future leaders to make… Read more »

The government is over-counting social enterprises

I was interested to read about Charles Leadbeater, speaking at the International Year of the Co-operatives, indicating that too much time was perhaps being spent trying to make the social enterprise/co-operative movement the next big third sector thing. He said: “I think social enterprise is not supposed to be that big. I think it is… Read more »

Euro-directive is a big opportunity for social service charities

The words ‘European directive’ are usually enough to make all but the most dedicated policy observer yawn and fall asleep. While most of us were busy preparing for Christmas, though, the European Commission published something different which should make us sit up and take notice. The public procurement reform proposals have the potential to create… Read more »

The Big Society spin on the New Year’s Honours

If the turn of the year is a signal of aspirations for the next, then we are left in no doubt that the enthusiasm for voluntarism and community action running through David Cameron’s government is here to stay. An honours list, being a medley of awards to establishment stalwarts, unsung heroes, industry figures, creatives and… Read more »