Monthly Archives: April 2012

Buying into the need to sell – survival tactics in straitened times

When I took over a sinking ship in 2007 at AbilityNet, I’d never have imagined that five years later I would be reporting a surplus of £300,000 to the board. In those days, breaking even seemed a pipe dream. It’s easy to be gloomy about charity prospects with alarmist headlines about mergers increasing by 150… Read more »

More charities should be using video to get their message across

For better or worse, the effect of the controversial Kony 2012 video, a short film created by the charity Invisible Children about Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony released last month, demonstrated the potential of film and the speed and effectiveness of social media for non-profit campaigns. The people behind Invisible Children are filmmakers and controversy… Read more »

The future of local infrastructure is in critical danger

How do you solve a problem like VCS infrastructure?  Today’s politically acceptable answer – so say the Lottery and the Cabinet Office – is a demand-led model of support for frontline groups. Of course, we need to make infrastructure earn its money. We also need to make it worthwhile to work in good infrastructure organisations…. Read more »

Businesses need to work in closer collaboration with youth organisations

The Riots, Communities and Victims Panel Report which launched last month suggested that a perceived lack of support and opportunities for young people contributed to the outbreak of the riots last summer. I believe that everyone in society has a responsibility to support young people and has a contribution to offer in providing opportunities for… Read more »

Payment by results is fine, but the payment must be adequate

There is nothing wrong with the principle of payment by results. It’s only fair to reward providers for their success, and it is right to direct funding into those areas and services that are having a positive impact. If you look at the government’s new policy of referring those released from prison straight onto the… Read more »