Monthly Archives: August 2012

Caught in the charitable act

A key aim and challenge of Lord Hodgson’s July review of the Charities Act 2006 was to find a balance between avoiding burdening small charities with red tape, and ensuring that unregistered charities are not disadvantaged. The review sought to achieve this balance by proposing that the threshold above which charities must register with the… Read more »

Olympic volunteers set an example the sector should follow

It was with an huge sense of pride that I heard the loudest round of applause at the closing ceremony of London 2012 initiated by Lord Seb Coe when he thanked the 70,000 Games Makers. As one of the many that woke at four in the morning to trek across the Olympic park for my… Read more »

Making the right ask of billionaires

I was doing some research on fundraising recently when I came across the Forbes website, and specifically its list of billionaires. This site tracks the stock portfolios of billionaires in real time. That particular day’s winner was Larry Ellison, the chief executive of Oracle – his stocks were up $550.3m in under 24 hours. I’ll… Read more »

Governance is becoming more fraught in these tough times

Good governance is rather like eating All Bran straight from the box – we all know it’s supposed to be good for us, but it’s never a particularly appetising prospect. That’s particularly true when the ‘rubber’ of board accountability hits the ‘road’ of a chief executive’s right to manage. My experience, both as a chief… Read more »