Monthly Archives: December 2013

Investment 2.0

Charity investment has been in the news a bit, with Comic Relief found by Panorama to be investing in the less ethical end of the stock market. But it’s possible to look at this question through an entirely different lens. Whenever someone gives to a good cause, volunteers, or even uses their social capital to… Read more »

Unusual gifts this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and many of us are thinking about gifts to give this season – which got me thinking about unusual gifts left to charities in wills. For more than 150 years, our inheritance protection and dispute resolution teams have seen a lot of examples of unusual bequests to charities, including butterfly and… Read more »

Panorama – All in a Good Cause

Are charities becoming more business-like, or more like businesses? Tuesday night’s excellent Panorama program, All in a Good Cause, made depressing viewing. Over-compensated departing directors, unethical investments, economical accounting, loss-making fundraising events claimed to be awareness-raising triumphs; what’s to be done?