Monthly Archives: March 2015

Charities should campaign with vigour in this general election

As the general election campaign gathers pace over the coming weeks, it is vital that charities and other civil society organisations actively involve themselves with the campaign.

Franchising: not just for coffee chains

I’m often reminded of a cartoon I once saw showing two fundraisers, sitting in a bar, looking depressed. One is bemoaning to the other how unsexy the charity he works for is, while the other looks on unbelievingly. I run the charity Changing Tunes, and it really is about as unsexy as you can get…. Read more »

Should charities have lists of banned words?

“We prefer not to use the word celebrity”, a fundraiser for a major NGO told me some time ago. I’d used the phrase “celebrity supporters” in a magazine I was editing for the charity. The charity made much use of high-profile celebrities. She wanted it changed. What can we use instead? Something like, “our friends… Read more »

Not a happy start to 2015 for charity pension schemes

Many UK charities will have received some unwelcome news in the opening months of 2015 from their local government pension providers. While the funding position overall appears to have deteriorated, the change is not considered material enough to alter the underlying contribution rates. However, there is a sting in the tail for smaller charities in particular.