Monthly Archives: December 2015

How smaller charities can adapt to the changing funding landscape

The combined effect of public sector cuts and access to traditional funding pots becoming more difficult means that charities are having to take a much shorter-term view of their funding plans.

Why I’m predicting a £2 billion hole in voluntary income

I’ve been asked by a number of sector commentators to clarify the thinking that underpins my £2 billion estimate of the impact of the proposals in the Etherington review.

How to increase volunteer engagement

Engagement may be a buzzword at the moment, but without it charities may find one of their most valuable resources losing enthusiasm, momentum and perhaps drifting away. So how can personal branding help? The Right Fit: Values and Qualities

Seizing digital opportunities does not mean shaking an online tin

While we have seen some truly innovative campaigns from charities in recent years, Joe Saxton is largely correct in saying that the third sector has been slow in embracing the digital revolution. However, I am not convinced by his statement that problems persist because few people wake up with ‘donating’ on their morning to-do list…. Read more »