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Charities shouldn’t campaign? History suggests otherwise…

There is a narrative that some politicians are trying to spread that campaigning is a diversion from the real work of charities. Charities should “stick to the knitting” of service delivery. The reality is that both campaigning and service delivery are equally important for charities. Many of our best-known charities have been campaigning to change… Read more »

No cold calling: a decisive moment for fundraising self-regulation

The world of fundraising self-regulation has a key decision to make. How should it respond to the lack of clarity in the Code of Fundraising Practice on whether fundraisers should knock on a door with a ‘no cold calling’ sticker on it?

Why NCVO is wrong to oppose lottery deregulation

Over the past few years there has been a growing interest in society, or charity, lotteries. The Health Lottery brought the complex regulatory situation into wider consciousness. Our own report, A Chance to Give, researched sector and public views. Most recently the Centre for Economics and Business Research report looked at the economic case for… Read more »