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Are we heading for a new Legacy Management Code of Conduct?

There’s been no escaping the recent review of the self-regulating Code of Conduct for Fundraising by the National Council of Voluntary Organisations.

Charities should look out for scammers

We often read in the papers of cases where people have been accused of taking advantage of their position as “attorney”. A power of attorney is when one person is appointed by another to manage their affairs, should they not be mentally capable of doing so themselves because of illness or accident. Just last month,… Read more »

Unusual gifts this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and many of us are thinking about gifts to give this season – which got me thinking about unusual gifts left to charities in wills. For more than 150 years, our inheritance protection and dispute resolution teams have seen a lot of examples of unusual bequests to charities, including butterfly and… Read more »

In wills, prevention is better than cure

I was recently chatting with a colleague on the importance of drafting wills and the potential that people can miss out on legacies left to them if the will is incorrectly written. This led me to consider whether this is a familiar issue for charities.