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A nudge in the right direction?

The Giving White Paper wants to inspire a step change in giving time and money, but how easy will that be? Firstly, the UK is already a highly engaged population. Survey data shows that non-engagement is small: only around 7 per cent neither volunteer, give informal help, nor give to charity. Figures highlight both the… Read more »

I think the latest ad from the ISPCC will set back the cause of fundraising in Ireland

Well, I’ve seen it all now – a child beaten up in front of me; not in the context of a film I’ve been sick enough to choose to watch, but in a 60-second TV advertisement in my home while I’m eating my supper. Well, it would be in my home, if I lived in… Read more »

We should be taking advantage of Britain’s faith communities to advance social welfare

The Public Service Reform White Paper is now due in July. However, many charities wonder who among their number has the skill and scale to benefit from the opportunities that could come our way? A creative response to this conundrum is a more imaginative engagement with faith based institutions than has previously been attempted in… Read more »

If you take a place in a marathon and don’t raise what you pledge, then you should pay

Marathon fundraising is a nightmare. I’d rather run one than fundraise through one again after my experiences this year.  While an exceptional minority raise thousands of pounds to feed orphans, I’ve found that the majority take the few places we have and don’t raise enough money to cover costs never mind feeding orphans – something I’m… Read more »

Why don’t we talk about time management?

While there’s a massive literature on time management and how to be more effective at work, I am often struck by how little discussion there is of this among third sector professionals. We see it as something possibly to teach our admin staff and we laugh at the public sector, but we tend, in an… Read more »

The Big Society Bank should settle for nothing less than £5bn from the bankers

Rumours in Westminster and the City suggest a deal in the making: the banks make a significant payment to the Big Society Bank. In return, ministers shelve ideas about new taxes and restricting bonuses. I have some advice for the negotiators. Firstly, this is likely to be a very good deal for the bankers. Five… Read more »