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Franchising: not just for coffee chains

I’m often reminded of a cartoon I once saw showing two fundraisers, sitting in a bar, looking depressed. One is bemoaning to the other how unsexy the charity he works for is, while the other looks on unbelievingly. I run the charity Changing Tunes, and it really is about as unsexy as you can get…. Read more »

Should charities have lists of banned words?

“We prefer not to use the word celebrity”, a fundraiser for a major NGO told me some time ago. I’d used the phrase “celebrity supporters” in a magazine I was editing for the charity. The charity made much use of high-profile celebrities. She wanted it changed. What can we use instead? Something like, “our friends… Read more »

Does your charity do what it says on the tin?

In recent weeks, the news has been dominated by stories of A&E waiting times and pressure on the NHS. Pledges of additional funding and claims to be the only party who can tackle the problem are rife. But there is another side to the problem, which is the lack of funding for social care, which… Read more »

Charities should be leaders, not followers on social media

Newsjacking: we’re all guilty of it – composing a tweet to share or devising a little witticism (#ReplaceFilmTitleWithBacon anyone?) in an attempt to stay on top of the hot topic of conversation. All harmless fun. This behaviour extends to brands and of course charities, with a few recent cultural memes including #IceBucketChallenge, #WakeUpCall and #NoMakeUpSelfie…. Read more »

It’s vital to connect the fundraisers to the financiers

For the last seven years, I have been in roles that provide financial or fundraising (sometimes both) support to the third sector. In that time, it’s safe to say I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. But the toughest meetings I have been in are when the head of fundraising and head… Read more »

We need to tell the truth, but not the whole truth

In the wake of the revelations about Lance Armstrong and the impact on Livestrong, Craig Dearden-Phillips writes that charities should stop telling porkies,. In my experience, the opposite is true; charities are usually punctiliously, scrupulously honest sometimes to a ridiculous and self-sabotaging degree. They tend to want to tell everybody everything about what they do,… Read more »

I think the latest ad from the ISPCC will set back the cause of fundraising in Ireland

Well, I’ve seen it all now – a child beaten up in front of me; not in the context of a film I’ve been sick enough to choose to watch, but in a 60-second TV advertisement in my home while I’m eating my supper. Well, it would be in my home, if I lived in… Read more »

If you take a place in a marathon and don’t raise what you pledge, then you should pay

Marathon fundraising is a nightmare. I’d rather run one than fundraise through one again after my experiences this year.  While an exceptional minority raise thousands of pounds to feed orphans, I’ve found that the majority take the few places we have and don’t raise enough money to cover costs never mind feeding orphans – something I’m… Read more »