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Franchising: not just for coffee chains

I’m often reminded of a cartoon I once saw showing two fundraisers, sitting in a bar, looking depressed. One is bemoaning to the other how unsexy the charity he works for is, while the other looks on unbelievingly. I run the charity Changing Tunes, and it really is about as unsexy as you can get…. Read more »

Mergers are worth funding – even if they don’t work out

Third Sector has reported that the Cabinet Office awarded £95,000 in grants to two pairs of charities that explored mergers and ultimately chose not to press ahead. To some this might have raised questions about why grant money was spent on mergers that appeared to be unsuccessful –but this is completely the wrong way to… Read more »

What living with cancer taught me about the role of charity

In June 2013, I began work as the chief executive of a small charity. It was a steep though enjoyable learning curve. Then, four months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Why don’t we talk about time management?

While there’s a massive literature on time management and how to be more effective at work, I am often struck by how little discussion there is of this among third sector professionals. We see it as something possibly to teach our admin staff and we laugh at the public sector, but we tend, in an… Read more »