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Why the new minister is good news for social enterprises

Rob Wilson, the new Minister for Civil Society, has now been in post since September but is he leading in the right direction for the sector and social entrepreneurs? I believe so.

The government is over-counting social enterprises

I was interested to read about Charles Leadbeater, speaking at the International Year of the Co-operatives, indicating that too much time was perhaps being spent trying to make the social enterprise/co-operative movement the next big third sector thing. He said: “I think social enterprise is not supposed to be that big. I think it is… Read more »

We are starting to win the battle of social enterprises

Recently, Craig Dearden-Phillips and Rob Greenland, two of our most respected social enterprise commentators, both wrote blogs that, taken together, shattered the illusion of a consensus on the definition of social enterprise. The part in particular that stood out for me was when Rob asked how wages and loan interest are any different to paying… Read more »