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Incentives for volunteering aren’t as simple as they look

There has been talk of how we can best incentivise more people to volunteer. In Britain we already have some of the highest levels of volunteering in the world; but efforts to increase its level from this high base will inevitably suffer from the law of diminishing returns. Assuming that there is nevertheless a case… Read more »

Why I changed my mind about corporate volunteering

I believe in volunteering: both supporting it and, where possible, volunteering myself. The caveat “where possible” is important. Weeks slip away as I try to juggle work with desperate attempts to exercise, a growing stack of unread books, family demands and finding enough relaxation time to make the week manageable. Voluntary donation of time is… Read more »

Forget the stereotype of a charity shop volunteer

I was disappointed to see our longest-serving volunteer award come in for criticism in an article by Rob Jackson on the Third Sector blog last week, particularly as it was National Volunteering Week. I want to correct the misconceptions about charity retail volunteering that it presented. The purpose of the award is to celebrate the… Read more »

There are volunteers ready and waiting across the country, so why aren’t charities asking for their help?

One of the main issues that comes up again and again in the world of volunteering is the need for better communication between volunteers and those needing their services. This is typically provided by volunteer brokerage organisations, such as ourselves here at iT4Communities, but there is a real difficulty in linking the two groups. We… Read more »